City: Odebrecht Ambiental

About Us


Odebrecht Ambiental was created in 2009 by the Odebrecht Group to develop solutions to preserve natural resources and improve people’s quality of life through its operations in the segments of water and sewage, utilities and residues.

In April 2017, the company was purchased by Brookfield, a Canadian asset manager, who took 70% share of control in Odebrecht Ambiental, previously owned by Odebrecht SA, along with FI-FGTS, which maintained its 30% share in the company.

The company name will be renamed to BRK Ambiental and the brand substitution is scheduled to take place within the next six months. BRK Ambiental is the largest private water and sewage service company in the country and is present in over  180 Brazilian municipalities, benefiting the lives of 15 million people. It also operates Aquapolo, the largest water reuse project in the Southern Hemisphere, which produces industrial water from domestic sewage in the state of São Paulo, and has two industrial waste treatment plants in the country.